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Android is the fastest growing mobile application platform, and generates upto $75,000 revenue per annum per app.


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Appnotech’s design experts have years of experience and pay special attention to detail. Browse through some of our Award Winning Apps that have mobilized businesses across the globe from various sectors.

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We have heard of using mobile applications as a window to see what is happening in the market. We actually did that after getting an attractive application from Appnotech, which helped us devise an effective & efficient marketing strategy for our brand and the result is we have lots of loyal customers. Thanks to Appnotech!

Marketing Director Sports and Health


When the world was moving at a very fast pace, Appnotech helped us keep up and stay connected. Thanks to their unique mobile application we were able to reach our clients across the globe and also monitored shipping and delivery with a simple mobile application.

Sales and Marketing Head Fashion and Entertainment


We were introduced to Appnotech via a business associate, their prompt response not only delivered us our dream app but their recommendations helped us enhance user experience. We are thoroughly impressed with their technical and support abilities.

Sales and Marketing Head Entertainment


Appnotech has provided us a scalable solution through a perfect facebook application, which achieves our objectives and enables us to maintain a high level of service to our customers. Thanks to Team Appnotech’ s dedication we produced winning results.

Marketing Manager Games